Why do companies use CRM?

There are a wide variety of reasons why companies embark on CRM projects. We've listed some common reasons why companies use CRM, along with some 'pain factors' businesses have given for deploying CRM systems.

RLCRM have found that, if you agree or empathise with more than one or two of these responses, then your company could gain significant advantages and return on investment from a professionally implemented CRM system. Take a look at the following statements and see if any apply to your company:

  • It's difficult to share customer information in a team environment and see a reliable and holistic view of all customer interactions
  • It takes a lot of effort to produce or get hold of key management reports
  • Sometimes you wish you could track leads more efficiently
  • You may have lost revenue because of mishandling or losing potential sales opportunities
  • You'd like to be able to take advantage of bulk discounts when ordering products for resale, but you're forecasting and pipeline management has let you down in the past.
  • You'd like to be sure which of your customers are the most profitable
  • There isn't a single, overall view of all customer touch points across your organisation
  • You or your staff have lost or can't easily find valuable customer information
  • Your company needs to respond faster to enquiries
  • Although they were ok for a while, your company is outgrowing applications such as Microsoft Outlook   and Excel.
  • It's difficult to profile and target customers for marketing campaigns
  • There's repetitious, multiple entry of information across different software applications
  • You have very little real-time accurate information and data
  • You're finding it hard to develop your sales team through lack of accurate, comprehensive and up to dateKPI and analysis
  • You find it time consuming to analyze, and may not be convinced of the accuracy of sales team data, such as conversion ratios from lead to opportunity to win or lose
  • You're unable to confidently predict cash flow or manufacturing and production requirements because your forecasting and pipeline management isn't always right.

Why do companies use CRM? Because Customer Relationship Management is all about overcoming these problems.

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