Software Re-engineering

As established products become obsolete, the outdated technology catalyzes product support and upgrades difficult and costly. In an effort to build a product available to a wider segment of potential customers and to retain the key customer segment, many business owners look forward to migrate their product to a mainstream technology and new platform.

The objective of re-engineering is to improve the system structure to make it easier to understand and maintain.The re-engineering process involves source code translation, reverse engineering, program structure improvement, program modularisation and data re-engineering Source code translation is the automatic conversion of of program in one language to another. Reverse engineering is the process of deriving the system design and specification from its source code.Program structure improvement replaces unstructured control constructs with while loops and simple conditionals.Program modularisation involves reorganisation to group related items.Data re-engineering may be necessary because of inconsistent data management.
Re-engineering advantages
Reduced risk : There is a high risk in new software development. There may be development problems, staffing problems and specification problems

Reduced cost : The cost of re-engineering is often significantly less than the costs of developing new software

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